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Reiki is a wonderful healing tool in terms of self-care, energetic protection, and learning to help and heal others energetically.  I teach Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 Certification Classes.  Reiki 1 focuses more on self-healing, while Reiki 2 teaches advanced practitioner's level techniques including how to use the 4 Reiki symbols and distance healing.  You don't have to have the intention of becoming a practitioner to take Reiki Certification Classes.  My great hope is that everyone becomes Reiki 1 certified so they are empowered to help themselves heal physically, emotionally and spiritually.  My mission is independence versus codependence.  You can heal yourself.  This is liberation.   

*Please email me for specific class dates and upcoming course schedules.  Each level is a 3 day course.


Sat, 1:30pm - 6:30pm/Sun, 10:30am - 6:00pm/following Sun, 1:30 - 6:30pm.  Specific dates TBA. $395

We are all divine beings of light and resonance.  Reiki is a beautiful way to bring your healing abilities to a new level and to connect with the unconditional love that is at the source of our oneness beyond duality.  We will learn how to connect to this source of universal healing energy in order to awaken our own healing abilities and to learn how to heal ourselves.  We will go through attunements, meditations, interactive lectures, and corresponding hands-on exercises where we will begin to cultivate our relationship with the universal life force energy.

Reiki is a powerful way to practice self care, strengthen the intuition, and care for others.  You will receive the Reiki Level 1 attunements and learn about the spirit of healing and Reiki, the nature of the light body, the 7 main chakras, and how to connect with the healing universal life energy.  You will also receive a 30 page detailed manual.

In Reiki Level I you will learn:

• The history of Reiki

• The 5 Principles of Reiki

• The 7 main chakras and energy centers

• How to treat yourself and others

• Hand placements for self-treatment

• Hand placements for treating others

• How to work with friends, family, and clients

• How to protect yourself energetically

Upon completion of the course you will receive a Reiki Level 1 Certificate in the Usui System of Natural Healing.


“I truly believe that Kari was put on this Earth to educate and train the next generation of healers as she truly enables her students to embody these traits once your training with her is finished. My fiance and I took her Reiki 1 course, and we truly felt as if we were in a college course. She is incredibly well-versed in all areas of Reiki healing, but also understands how to convey the information in a way that beginners can understand. Her hands-on instruction allowed us to all become comfortable administering Reiki healings to fellow students towards the end of the training. I am now pursuing a career in energy healing and I do not believe there's a teacher out there who could have better prepared me for this career than her. I have personally recommended two friends who were interested in becoming Reiki practitioners to Kari for their training. The world needs energy healers who are effective, knowledgeable, and practice their craft with integrity.” 

Zack Alexander, Certified Reiki Practitioner

“I had the amazing opportunity of getting to train with Kari in her Reiki 1 class. Let me just say that I have heard a lot about different energy practitioners rushing through Reiki classes in which clients receive Reiki 1 and 2 certifications within one weekend. That is absolutely not the case with Kari and I think she is incredible for the level of professionalism, time, and effort she provides in her classes. Reiki 1 was a three full-day course that was filled with a lot of history, information, and direct practice in the Reiki field. I remember leaving each day feeling mentally full as if I had just walked out of a full days worth of graduate-level courses. I can't speak enough to Kari's integrity and extensive knowledge on the subject. I feel truly blessed and proud to call her my teacher and would not trust anyone else to help guide me through this process.”

Desiree Sacco, Graduate Student, MSW 



Sat, 1:00pm - 6:30pm/Sun, 10:30am - 6:30pm/following Sun, 1:30 - 6:00pm.  Specific dates TBA. $450

Reiki Level 2 is considered the “Practitioner’s Level” and offers students advanced Reiki teachings.  In Level 2 students are given complete tools for working with Reiki energy both in person and through “absentee” or distance techniques.  In Reiki Level 2, students are given the 4 Reiki symbols (power, peace, physical healing and the bridge) which allow the Reiki energy to perform powerful functions, such as specific mental/physical/emotional/spiritual healing and long distance healing.  Students are taught channeling techniques, thereby increasing their overall psychic awareness in life and in healing sessions.  Students also learn to work with their own “chi” in order to strengthen their personal energy and health so that they are able to accommodate more healing energy during sessions. You will also receive a 55 page detailed manual.

Topics covered in Reiki Level 2:

• 4 Reiki symbols: their names, meanings, and uses (advanced Reiki techniques)

• Practice drawing and working with the energy of the symbols

• Reiki Level 2 initiation: advanced attunement which activates the power of the symbols

• Distance healing with the ability to treat friend, family, clients, pets, and Mother Earth

• Hands-on practice performing mental/emotional/spiritual healings and distance healing

• Learn to send Reiki to future events and situations for a positive outcome

• Learn to use a pendulum to measure chakras and their imbalances

• Advanced techniques for using stones and crystals to heal chakras

• Review of Self Protection Techniques

Upon completion of the course you will receive a Reiki Level 2 Certificate in the Usui System of Natural Healing.


"After starting energy work through Reiki Certification Classes my life changed dramatically. The "glass ceiling" I felt looming over me was gone and I finally felt like I was on the other side of it. My happiness, knowledge and fulfillment in life suddenly had no limits. The everyday fog I was experiencing diminished and everything became crystal clear.

My wants, my needs, my deepest desires, and also the most obvious desires my body was asking for (but I couldn't hear)... they all became clear. Once I was able to cleanse my energy field of unnecessary elements through self Reiki, I created the room to start living out the balanced lifestyle I was longing for. Kari helped transform my perception of my life, and thus my reality, to a point where there is no going back, only up."

Alexandra Conn, Interior Designer/Owner, Blonde & Blue Boutique

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