Throughout my life, I struggled with a number of issues and ailments that were not solved by traditional medicine.  I suffered from chronic pain after a severe car accident, gut health issues, fatigue, anxiety and a general sense of imbalance.  I spent a small fortune going to doctors that only offered me prescription drugs that had side effects, and was misdiagnosed constantly.

The process was costly, draining and terrifying until I entered the world of holistic medicine and energy work.  The approaches made sense to me and I finally had assistance with looking for the source of the problem (instead of just treating symptoms) – which can certainly also be related to our emotions, thought forms, childhood traumas, and life experiences.  The treatments were natural and non-invasive.  They helped me not just physically, but emotionally and mentally as well.  The holistic approach required me to take control of my health, which was empowering and liberating.

I was incredibly blessed to have ultimately found a Reiki Master and Shamanic Healer who worked with me for years on healing myself as a whole being…and healing the ‘mystery’ problems that other doctors could not figure out.  It’s a fascinating process of self-discovery, committing to looking at ourselves to find the answers.  The body speaks the mind; the body is telling us something needs to change.  The relieving part is, we can control that!  I began intensive training with Linda Skiba, RMT in Usui Reiki and Shamanic Healing that lasted over 6 years and have been treating clients since 2007.

I love working with people, supporting whatever it is that they want to achieve.  It’s an honor to be invited into people’s lives on that level.

Reiki, and other holistic studies, have given me this very important insight:  Seek to find the true source of the problem, which requires looking at all aspects of ourselves- not just the physical body.  Reiki, Shamanic Healing, Nutrition Response Testing and bodywork like chiropractic were most valuable for me.

“My master used to say that all we need to do is exchange our pain of living ignorantly for the pain of living in the truth, and that little by little, our pain would disappear.”

Robert Lee Camp

Mentors: I’d like to acknowledge Linda Skiba (Certified Reiki Master/Shamanic Facilitator) and Dr. William Karl, my best teachers and supporters.  All my love and many, many thanks.

Literature: “Hands of Light” by Barbara Brennan, which is a guide to healing through the human energy field, gives a very comprehensive explanation of energy work.  Barbara Brennan is a former NASA physicist.  I was fortunate to find her research as I wanted to know the science behind this form of healing.  I think it’s important to demystify the concept of energy work.  I would recommend this book for those that are interested in learning more.


“Kari has a way of getting right to the heart of the matter in a direct and meaningful way, with the skills and confidence of an intuitive healer and the approach of a very good friend.  My work with her began with her expert ability to find connections between my thoughts and emotions to physical problems within my body.  With her guidance I uncovered outdated survival methods of thinking and behaving, and replaced them with pathways to positive change.  There is nothing scripted about a session with Kari.  She speaks through the heart with amazing enthusiasm and clarity.  I left my first appointment telling her that she accomplished more in 60 minutes than I have in 2 years of traditional talk therapy.  I highly recommend Kari to anyone that wants to accelerate their way to a happier, more fulfilling life.”

Gina H., Designer

“Kari is a powerful healer and teacher.  I have worked with Kari as a private client as well as a participant in her Reiki 1 training.  Kari has the perfect pairing of warmth and ease rooted in a depth of knowledge and respect for the modalities that she offers.  You immediately feel safe working with her.  Her combination of Reiki, aromatherapy, flower essences and other tools offers a delicious multi-sensory experience.  My sessions with Kari are uniquely crafted, intentional and personal – they are special and sacred.  She has helped me clear blocks that no longer serve me and opened up my consciousness to a broader understanding of myself and the world.  I am thankful to have her as a healer, guide and friend on my path!”

Elizabeth Traina, Artist/Healer

"Kari's magic comes from her ability to empower people to heal themselves. She is a living treasure trove of information, tools, and resources and she supports her clients with the goal of helping them remember they are sovereign beings. Through Kari's 'Setting Healthy Boundaries' and 'Release Work' sessions, I have learned (for life!) how to set both verbal and energetic boundaries, which enables me to have a calmer and more meaningful relationship with my family. I know how to protect myself now - which empowers me to go deeper in friendships and romantic relationships. Finally, Kari works with the utmost integrity and her Shamanic Work with soul recovery and extraction is the clearest example of this. The follow through and support for the three months after the journey is invaluable to integrating and embodying the healing from these journeys. Even though the information can sometimes seem like it's coming from left field at first, having Kari's support during this time period is a gift. Kari is also a stellar Reiki Master and I am honored to have received my training with her."

Rebecca Krisel, Communications Strategist

“Reiki with Kari has become a necessary part of my life.  As a graduate social work student, I am in many challenging situations and find myself weighed down by the negative energy around me.  Kari is an expert at not only removing negative energy from my body, but also in talking me through my tendency to take on other people’s energy.  I always leave our sessions feeling relaxed, centered and about ten pounds lighter than when I went in.  Kari is a gifted healer and seer, guiding her clients to a place of reflection and healing in themselves.  This is what really sets her apart from other Reiki healers; she helps you learn how to protect yourself energetically and heal yourself – so that her work has lasting effects outside the Reiki room.  One session with Kari, and you won’t know how you ever lived without her.”

Sarah L., Social Worker/Yoga Teacher

“When I was introduced to Reiki, I had no idea what to expect.  All I can say is that my experience has been AWESOME! After each session I feel so free and in control of my life.  Working with Kari has allowed me the opportunity to grow in my life.  She is fantastic at her craft. Thank you so much, Kari!”

Dr. Leslie Hayes, MD

“I practice Ayurvedic nutrition but received my degree in conventional nutrition science- so I could weed through all of the ‘misinformation’.  I was reluctant to explore Reiki and Shamanic work.  I have an analytical mind and could not perceive how this could possibly work.  Kari asked me to be open to having an experience.  My first Reiki session was in November 2014 and I have been seeing Kari ever since.  I’ve even become a Reiki student of hers.

Reiki and Shamanic work have changed my life completely.  Kari has taught me to go inside myself and really listen to what is going on.  I have a tendency toward perfectionism and giving too much of myself in hopes of receiving validation.  I am now setting healthy boundaries in my relationships with people (something I had not learned to do through conventional therapy) and learning to validate myself.  I am learning to stop all the self-doubting and trust my own intuition.

Through energy work and soul recovery (Shamanic work), I am truly becoming a complete person.  With Kari as my mentor, I am learning how I can also affect change in those around me.  I highly recommend her as both a practitioner and teacher.”

William A., Computer Tech & Wellness Ambassador (Ayurveda),

“Kari has been such a gift to my life.  I have learned so many important things about myself throughout this journey with her.  It’s been really incredible to do such intimate work on myself with someone as caring as Kari.  She is so professional, warm and educational.

Reiki is powerful because Kari is so intuitive and brings a lot to the surface.  All these experiences have caused tremendous healing of the pain and worries in my life.  Her willingness to dig deep helps me not be afraid; I come out of the sessions and move through tough decisions gracefully.  I was so inspired by the work that I took Reiki Certification classes with Kari (levels 1 and 2).  Learning how to receive and use the gift of Reiki to better my life has made all the difference in the world.  I still have individual sessions with her to learn more.  I leave with a sense of empowerment in order to make changes in my life.  There have been many brave and courageous acts after our sessions where I’m able to create situations that are authentically right for me.

The most intense work has been the Shamanic work we’ve done together.  I feel a difference in terms of feeling more whole and light.  I think this work is like an onion as we peel more layers of knowledge; there is so much to discover about one’s self.  The information from the Shamanic Journey was a puzzle to put together over a period of time and I felt it gave me great insight about my personal make up.

Kari’s helped me to be more full and present in all situations, good or bad, and to embrace change.  She is truly one of the most amazing individuals I’ve ever met in my lifetime.  I am so grateful and honored to do my work with her.”

Hellen Yuan, Designer/Entrepreneur

“Whether you have been receiving Reiki treatments for years or it’s your first time, Kari is the perfect practitioner.  She took the time to explain her practice clearly and simply and was very easy to talk to.  I felt very comfortable discussing my intentions for the session, and Kari was present and friendly when I did so.  We had such a good time that the time flew by, and at the end of the session, I felt balanced, lighter, and grateful for the spiritual pick-me-up that Kari provided.”

Asmeret Ghebremichael, Broadway Actress

“My experience with Kari is wonderfully and organically progressive. She is an engaging and trustworthy healer, which is definitely necessary for me in the healing process.  I’ve learned how to manage and take advantage of the energy and cycles occurring in my life, and how to get through even the most difficult ones.  Everything is unfolding with Kari’s help and at a faster rate.  Talking to Kari is like talking to an old friend and she helps me sort out what’s important for me to focus on.  As a creative person and sometimes psychic sponge, Kari has helped me to trust my intuition even more and to follow through with it as creatively as I can. It’s proving beneficial; new positive patterns have emerged in the few months that I’ve been working with her.  I’m truly grateful to have found her.”

Selina Connor, Buyer

“I met Kari in a caring, professional, holistic health care setting.  She was always friendly, warm and smiling.  I knew she did Reiki.  I did not know she practiced in the Shamanic realm and I was instantly excited and drawn to the possibilities like a magnet.  For starters, we didn’t just jump right into a Shamanic journey!  She did a Reiki session for me first.  It was amazing!  I got to watch the pendulum responding to my energy and Kari gently explained to me what the imbalances implied.  They were all spot-on.  I felt suberbly lighter and much more educated about myself when I left.  She had me read a book about Shamanic Healing and some reports of previous clients who gave their permission.  These provided education and a better framework for understanding what was going on.

On the day of the journey, there were gifts and words given to me that I needed to know and hear before I could move on in my life.  There were affirmations that for days and days afterwards I was writing about.  These affirmations lead to further and deeper revelations that spoke to me directly and powerfully about where I had been, where I am and where I am going.  Kari’s Shamanic work was the big ‘next step’ I had been asking for.  Two months have passed since my Shamanic journey and positive changes in my life are visible on all levels.  I am more connected to myself and my creativity than ever before and I am excited about what comes next.”

Lisa Marie Porter, Artist

"I came to Kari originally through a strong recommendation of a friend for her Soul Recovery and Extraction (SR/E) work.  I was really more curious than anything, but also had a feeling there were some things from my past that didn't feel quite healed with other approaches.  There was no way I could have prepared for how powerful the work would be.  I have the deep experience of having parts of my soul healed and returned that were lost after traumatic events (death, heartbreak, abuse).  I feel whole in a way that has brought me the experience of being alive that was missing for years.  Kari also helped me stop unhealthy family dynamics and end toxic patterns that echoed into other parts of my life with her Setting Boundaries session.  Once I stopped those patterns in my relationships with my family, I found my voice and power in other parts of my life, like relationships with co-workers and supervisors.  It completely changed my relationship with my mom and gave me the ability to create a relationship that honored who I am, instead of being the product of an unhealthy power struggle.  It really set me free.

Finally, Kari is the best and most accurate Reiki practitioner I have been to, and I have had the pleasure of being treated by some wonderful healers over the years.  We started with Reiki first before Shamanic Healing.  I had no idea that chakras could be measured or that I could, in my daily meditations, take actions to help productively direct energy in a way that helped mend areas weakened by stress.  I have also become much more spiritually intuitive, which is so cool because I am now able to support my own healing and trust what I experience more deeply, whether that's the sense I get when a meet a new person, or a hidden truth about a problem in my work environment.  

If you are someone who feels like circumstances in life - be it a heartbreak, physical injury or professional failure - have impacted your ability to live powerfully or you have the sense that you have lost a part of yourself over time, she works miracles.  I have shared her work with my best friends, and now they are passing it on to others.  She's one of best tools in my tool belt of personal healing and development."

Madeline Moitozo, Associate Producer, VICE Media

“Kari’s the real deal!  We’ve been working together for about a year and half, and my life’s definitely better because of it.  I thought Reiki was some type of massage.  Oh boy, was I pleasantly surprised.  I had no real concept of what energy work was, or the power of it… I would describe what I feel as subtle soft shifts inside.  I always have a sense of clarity and empowerment after a session.  I come away learning something new about myself or a situation.  Many “aha!” moments for me.

Like anything in life it takes a certain amount of commitment.  I want to share a quote I just fell in love with: “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t’ change you.”  How true!  The deeper you are willing to go, the more growth you’ll receive.  Kari’s been blessed with an amazing gift that she is tirelessly willing to share, and we’re all the better for it!”

Cristina Hoover, Textile Colorist

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