What is Shamanic Healing?

As we experience physical and emotional traumas/loss throughout our lifetime, our energetic systems are greatly affected.  We are left feeling depleted, deeply affected by an experience, longing to feel our full potential for health and happiness.

With Reiki, I restore the charkas and balance the energy field.  With Shamanic Healing, I go beyond that, returning energetic ‘pieces’ we have lost due to trauma, while also doing deep, restorative bodywork.  I then support clients during follow-up sessions to guide them on integrating their energetic pieces and connecting further with their own intuitive/self-healing skills.

Shamanic Healing is a 3 month deep transformational program (a 7 session healing intensive) that includes:

  • Soul Recovery and Extraction session (SRE) + Learning to work with your energetic 'pieces': 4 hrs

  • 5 'Integration and Support' sessions (45 mins each by phone)

  • 1 Supportive Reiki Session (6 weeks after the SRE session)

  • 4 to 5 pg. SRE Report (documentation of your Soul Recovery and Extraction)



Reiki and Shamanic Healing are both forms of energy healing.  Shamanic healing is healing on an accelerated level, and can only be done so often, as pieces need to fully integrate.  Many clients begin first with Reiki, as Shamanic work is more intensive.

There are many types of Shamanism throughout different cultures.  My extensive 2 year training is through the Native American Cherokee lineage.  I have been doing Shamanic journeys for clients since 2009.  My protocol requires clients to read "Soul Recovery and Extraction" by Ai Gvhdi Waya (available on Amazon) before we do Shamanic Healing so that you fully understand the process.  You could literally read it in a few hours.  I also provide my own case studies.  It's a very clear, honest, fascinating explanation of Shamanic work.  This book details the dynamics of how we are energetically affected by life events and how we energetically affect each other in relationships. 

The goal of Shamanic Healing is to have us returned to our fully empowered state, whole and complete, instead of continuing through our lives compromised from life experiences that have been energetically, physically and emotionally traumatic- which we’ve all had.  Shamanic work helps us understand ourselves on a whole new level in terms of why we have certain fears, struggles, blocks or difficulties in life.  This form of healing gives us the energy and platform to move past them.

Who needs Shamanic Healing?

Everyone is a candidate for this work.  Shamanic Healing centers around trauma in any form, minor or intense, experienced at any age.  While some traumas are more severe than others, we have all had painful experiences that have deeply affected us.  Traumas such as unhealthy relationships, dysfunctional childhoods, illnesses, physical/emotional/sexual abuse, loss of a loved one, break ups and divorce are some examples of experiences that can cause deep energetic imbalance.  Our energetic essence is in need of a more intensive kind of healing and restoration.

The energetic effects from traumas can manifest as a chronic physical/emotional issue, or more simply as a lack of feeling fully fulfilled and empowered in your life.  Shamanic healing can aid in achieving life goals, lifting depression, creating healthy relationships, relieving chronic anxiety/fatigue/pain/illness, releasing addictions, increasing the ability to fully connect to yourself and others, overcoming weight issues and helping with PTSD, to name a few.

Please feel free to contact me with questions or to learn more about how Shamanic Healing can benefit you.  


"Shamanic healing with Kari is truly a process of regaining one's power. This is not just because Kari works with the utmost integrity, but also because she provides support to help integrate the Shamanic work for the three months following the journey. Through my Shamanic work with Kari, I have been able to heal my needs for a fierce mother, understand the origins of when I stopped defending myself, and face my complicated relationship to food. I am deeply connected to each energetic piece retrieved during these journeys. At the end of each journey, Kari provides a detailed report and I cherish these. What a gift to be able to return to the information and gain an even deeper understanding of one's soul."

Rebecca Krisel, Communications Strategist

"I met Kari at a time in my life when I really needed help understanding my psychic and empathic abilities. I was having escilating connections with spirit and energies around me. The Universe put Kari in my path which led to me doing Reiki work and then a Soul Recovery and Extraction (SR/E) with her. 

Working with Kari to do SR/E work was the most powerful work I have ever done in my life. Taking the step to go into the “unknown” gave me pieces of my power back. Doing this soul work allowed me to see who I really am by discovering information from my past life and how my spirit is physically showing up in this lifetime. Amazing changes happened in my life during my soul work with Kari. She was wonderful to work with, very professional, kind and loving - while guiding and teaching me to look within to find my own answers. I would recommend doing this work with Kari if you are looking to dive into this type of intensive soul work. I’m very grateful that the Universe introduced us and I know my future will have another SR/E session with Kari." 

Pamela Downes, President/Owner, Downes Designs

"I came to Kari originally through a strong recommendation of a friend for her Soul Recovery and Extraction (SR/E) work.  I had always been curious about past lives.  My friend had shared that she got energetic 'pieces' back both from this lifetime and a past life and came to learn there were threads that wove through both.  She had said that it helped her make peace with her family in a deep way.  I was really more curious than anything, but also had a feeling there were some things from my past that didn't feel quite healed with other approaches. There was no way I could have prepared for how powerful the work would be.  Not only did I find out things from my past life that were reflected in this life, like why I had certain struggles with learning or processing (that have since resolved after my treatment), but I have the deep experience of having parts of my soul healed and returned that were lost after traumatic events (death, heartbreak, abuse).  I feel whole in a way that has brought me the experience of being alive that was missing for years.  I have important memories now that had long been suppressed and my performance at work has improved.  My boss even noted that I was more present and he could tell I trusted myself more.  You meditate daily with the energetic pieces you get back.  They became my most trusted guides and helped me develop what I could describe as a 6th sense that has trained me to use better judgment in work, personal relationships, and my long term goals.

Kari also helped me stop unhealthy family dynamics and end toxic patterns that echoed into other parts of my life with her Setting Boundaries session.  Once I stopped those patterns in my relationships with my family, I found my voice and power in other parts of my life, like relationships with co-workers and supervisors.  It was like I had this amazing power source inside me, but it had been leaking out for years.  She showed me where the source of that leak was so I could stop losing power.  It completely changed my relationship with my mom and gave me the ability to create a relationship that honored who I am, instead of being the product of an unhealthy power struggle.  It really set me free.

Finally, Kari is the best and most accurate Reiki practitioner I have been to, and I have had the pleasure of being treated by some wonderful healers over the years.  We started with Reiki first before Shamanic Healing.  I had no idea that chakras could be measured or that I could, in my daily meditations, take actions to help productively direct energy in a way that helped mend areas weakened by stress.  I have also become much more spiritually intuitive, which is so cool because I am now able to support my own healing and trust what I experience more deeply, whether that's the sense I get when a meet a new person, or a hidden truth about a problem in my work environment.  She also makes these droppers of flower essences, which at first, to be honest, I didn't really believe in that much.  I thought it was more of a placebo effect or just helped a little with feeling more healthy and on track -  but that stuff is amazing - each bottle she makes is custom designed to how your body responds to what you need at that time.  And now having used them for six months, I can tell a marked difference in my vitality, groundedness, and resilience.

If you are someone who feels like circumstances in life - be it a heartbreak, physical injury or professional failure - have impacted your ability to live powerfully or you have the sense that you have lost a part of yourself over time, she works miracles.  I have shared her work with my best friends, and now they are passing it on to others.  She's one of best tools in my tool belt of personal healing and development."

Madeline Moitozo, Associate Producer, VICE Media

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