R.A. Sessions

I also offer “Release and Achieve” sessions that teach practical life skills and techniques in order to facilitate self care, moving forward towards your passions/goals, letting go of the past and communicating more effectively.

Sessions cover topics such as:  Setting Healthy Boundaries, Releasing the Past, and Tracing Trauma. Learning how to speak boundaries with others in order to have healthy dynamics in close relationships one of the most important sessions I offer because this essential life skill is not taught in school systems or by parents.  Regardless of the topic, all R.A. sessions provide techniques for overcoming limitations and create practical solutions to change any source of discomfort in life.

There’s a lot of conversation these days about the concepts of ‘transformation’ and ‘manifesting what we want’, but these concepts seem to be a bit abstract and always slightly out of reach.  After a decade of intense research, endless books and seminars, and years of trial and error for my own life, I was compelled to distill down what really works and create straight forward techniques that are easy and effective for creating the changes we desire.  The goal for myself was fulfillment and acceleration through unnecessary suffering.  My approaches center on these themes and provide concise mechanics for releasing internal and external conflict, as well as achieving your specific personal goals.  R.A. sessions include worksheets with steps that are concrete and easy to follow.  Nothing abstract about it!

I believe looking is the foundation in regards to transformation- having the courage to look at ourselves, look at what is not working, look at what we want, and look to discover the blocks that prevent us from happiness.  It is in our hands.  This is the great thing about creating change, and it’s always easier to do with an objective person as we all have blind spots.

The second necessary component is having an action oriented step, instead of simply talking about what happened in the past or the current source of dysfunction.  It amazes me how often this step is skipped in other modalities.  There are particular aspects to the actions that make them highly effective, which I have identified and created simple approaches for.  I'm excited to pass on these life skills that most of us weren't taught or modeled in the name of acceleration.

Energy work is an extremely important tool for affecting change by clearing what we store in the body and psyche that weighs us down, but I find that our thought patterns, actions, words and choices in life outside of Reiki sessions are just as critical.  R.A. sessions create a space to look ourselves with no judgement; to talk about how we really feel and identify the origin; to learn new skills and create pathways that allow us be authentic and in control of our lives.

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