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As part of my training in wellness, I worked along side a holistic doctor that specialized in Nutrition Response Testing.  This method tests patients for toxins (bacterial, viral, heavy metals, candida, microorganisms such as parasites, etc.) as well as food sensitivities.  This experience gave me valuable insights over 5 years.  I watched the test results and assisted in detoxification journeys of thousands of people and saw some common denominators that I would like to share.  While everyone's toxins and food sensitivities are different (and a unique natural detox plan including natural supplements would be created), I found that most people can benefit from the information below:

Limit your sugar intake:  Sugar weakens everyone's immune systems, causes inflammation and weight gain.  It also feeds cancer cells. 

• Limit or eliminate dairy:  While some people have a severe dairy intolerance, everyone should know that dairy is mucus causing (sinuses, digestive tract).  It can also cause inflammation, skin issues such as acne, weight gain and hormone imbalances if animal was given growth hormones.  

• Limit or eliminate gluten:  While some people have severe gluten intolerances, gluten causes inflammation for everyone and can create pain in the body in a generalized way or in specific joints.  Gluten does not just affect your digestion!  It can be challenging for the immune system and decrease your energy even if you do not have Celiac disease.

Check to see if you have a solanine sensitivity:  If you have thyroid problems, joint pain, headaches or low energy, have a Nutrition Response Testing practitioner test to see if you have a sensitivity to alpha solanine, a naturally occurring substance in certain nightshade vegetables (white potatoes, tomatoes, hot peppers, bell peppers and eggplant).  Blood tests do not look for this typically. 

Your body is unique. We have different levels of sensitivity. Get tested by a qualified Nutrition Response Testing practitioner to learn what foods weaken your system and detox anything that is preventing you from your full state of wellness.

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