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During my Reiki sessions I incorporate the use of essences as an additional way of energetically supporting the body and chakras.  Flower, plant, tree and gem essences are homeopathic liquid extracts that are taken orally if clients would like to experience this additional healing modality.  Essences are hand made high vibrational liquids made by imprinting the frequency of the flower/plant/tree/gem into pure water.  Dr. Edward Bach first developed flower essences in the 1930's.  Essences give very specific support to help keep us strong and in balance.  They are not herbs or medicine and do not interfere with any pharmaceutical medications so everyone can safely take them.

I am trained to do muscle testing (applied kinesiology) in order to discover which essences you need.  There are over 35 essences that I test which you can read about below.  Essences help during a Reiki treatment but also help 'hold' your treatment afterwards.  Having this specific daily support has caused many  physical, emotional, and spiritual transformations.  I make custom blends for home care and you will receive your own personalized essence blend as part of your initial Reiki session.

"Kari makes these droppers of flower essences, which at first, to be honest, I didn't really believe in that much.  I thought it was more of a placebo effect or just helped a little with feeling more healthy and on track -  but that stuff is amazing - each bottle she makes is custom designed to how your body responds to what you need at that time.  And now having used them for six months, I can tell a marked difference in my vitality, groundedness, and resilience."

Madeline Moitozo, Associate Producer, VICE Media


Flower/Plant/Tree/Gem Essences:

Aconitum: Releases trauma and fear

Amber: Heals the solar plexus/sacral chakra and relationship issues, promotes confidence

Angelica: Opens the heart and crown chakra, calling in the angelic realm

Aragonite: Energetic sovereignty in close relationships, releases unhealthy enmeshment

Arnica: Heals physical and emotion bruising/pain

Calendula: Calming support for the solar plexus and our personal power; soothing for digestion

Chive: Balances the masculine and feminine (giving and receiving), finding our center

Christmas Cactus: Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel in your life in some capacity

Chrysocolla: Heart healing, heart opening, speaking your truth from the heart

Citrine:  Increases joy, creative expression, self confidence

Comfrey: Healing wounds on a soul level

Crimson Columbine: Projecting your unique self into the world, being authentic, using your gifts

Dandelion: Helps process physical/emotional toxins, especially anger which resides in the liver

Dill: Calming overwhelm

Emerald: Heart healing, inspiration, patience and security in relationships

Flint: Helps overthinking, grounding, provides energetic protection

Focus My Attention (blend): Assisting to focus, ground and feel safe

Hydrangea: Feeling comforted in order to release fear or negative connections to others, attracting love

Iolite: 3rd eye healing/stimulation of intuitive vision, calming and stress relieving

Larimar: Emotional levity, releasing heavy emotions, support for throat chakra and communication

Let It Be (blend): Everything is as it should be; trust, let it be, go with the flow

Lissa's Light (blend): Heart healing for grief and loss; heartache

Lotus: Opens the crown chakra, increases connection to the Divine

Marsh Marigold: Getting unstuck in terms of negative patterns, staying strong in terms of adversity

Obsidian: Grounding, repelling negative energy

Pearl: Opening up the feminine side, honoring yourself, releasing irritation regarding life scenarios

Petrified Sequoia: Grounding, centering, connection to the Earth

Pink Yarrow: Healthy boundaries, not absorbing other people's negative emotions

Queen Anne's Lace:  Opens the 3rd eye and allows us to see situations clearly separate from our emotions

Recapturing the Divine Feminine (blend): Learning to receive and attract what we desire

Rhododendron: Shifting anger and frustration into a state of grace

Rose Elixer: Releases fear and anxiety, heart healing, relaxes nervous system

Rose Quartz: Self love, heart healing, anti-anxiety

Ruby: Confidence, increased energy, grounding, support for the root and sacral chakra

Shambhala Crystal: Increasing one's spiritual frequency

Star Jasmine: Opening the feminine receptive side, open to receiving pleasure, sacral chakra support

St. John's Wort:  Easing sadness or depression

Tobacco Flower: Intense grounding, confidence, security, standing firmly within yourself

Yarrow Combination: Yellow, white and pink yarrow flowers for overall strong energetic boundaries/protection

Zinnia: Recapturing our childlike excitement, joy, enthusiasm

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Nature Heals

There are infinite ways to take in the healing properties of flowers, plants, trees and crystals. Even if you don't have access to essences immediately, go out in nature and be with them. Sit near them and feel the energy coming off of them which affects your electromagnetic field and chakras. We all know the affects of aromatherapy so smell them or hold them in your left hand (receiving side of the body) to take in the energy. Visually take in the color which stimulates particular chakras. Get some for the kitchen table!