For years I have been studying astrology, yet another place to look to fully understand our unique energetic constitutions.  An often times very misunderstood and dismissed source of information, there is no disputing that the energetic fields of the planets and other heavenly bodies affect us down here on Earth, just as the moon affects the tides.  We are constantly impacted by what is happening in the sky.  

Astrology is one of the most complex subjects I have ever studied in terms of mathematical and energetic relationships in our physical world.  Analyzing and understanding my BIRTH CHART, a snap shot of the placement of the planets in the sky on the exact day, time and location that I was born, has given me massive insight on many things including:

  • Strong suits (physical, energetic, emotional, mental, spiritual) that I can use to my advantage to manifest what will truly fulfill me in this lifetime.

  • Areas of weakness (physical, energetic, emotional, mental, spiritual) that I can have greater compassion with myself around while gaining insight on how to support myself to 'build stronger muscles' in these areas. This alleviates beating ourselves up in terms of why certain things are so difficult for us to achieve as a way of being when it seems so easy for others in certain circumstances.

  • Internal conflicts within ourselves (everyone has them and your chart can show you why!) You're not crazy, it's in the fabric of who you are and we're meant to learn something from that.

  • Karmic lessons which are written all over our charts. You came in to take particular 'life classes' and this clarity can make the ride smoother. We can lean in instead of resisting it. We can enjoy the fruits of our labor if we know where to focus our energy.

  • Appreciation for the unique vehicle our soul has incarnated into. The experiment of you will not be repeated.

  • Compatibility in many forms: likes and dislikes, what and whom you vibe with socially, sexually, mentally, etc.

  • Tendencies with love and war, money, interpersonal relationships, coping mechanisms and much more.

  • Needs which are priceless to identify as we can't attract what will make us happy in romance, work, friendships, and family dynamics if we are not clear on what makes us most invigorated and nourished.

To know thyself is to love thyself.  This is at the heart of the astrological exploration.  A lot of online explanations can be overwhelming and confusing so I organize and explain information in a grounded, digestible way that you can revisit over many years in my Astrology Birth Chart Session.  This is a 2 hour one time session that does not predict the future (which no one can do because you have free will) but focuses on the energetic fabric of who you are as a being on this incredible ride.


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